Contract manufacturing of food products


Many people want to start a business that will generate a steady income in the future, but only few people imagine how much effort and time it takes to spend on production. And if they imagine it, they face the risks that are inevitably present in any business.

Beginners businessmen are given the opportunity to choose: to take the risk and start from scratch or to resort to the services of experienced specialists who perfectly know their work  and will help to establish the work of production.

Difficulties of doing business

it will be interesting to know what needs to be done for businessmen who have chosen a business related to food production:

 • to get permission  from laboratories ( 3-10 thousand UAH per 1 product);

• to buy raw and packaging materials (food film – 70 thousand UAH);

• to buy an equipment ( 300-500 thousand UAH) and permission for it;

• to select the qualified staff  and organize its work (salary of the equipment operator  10-15 thousand UAH);

• to make a logistic operation;

• to rent a room.

Also, from September 20, 2016, the necessary demand  for production is HACCP.

Simplify the task of doing business

To take off the routine part of the work and switch attention to the prospect of business development, making plans of realization ready – for – service products and other strategic solutions, you can turn to the services of our company.

It's like building a house: you organize work from the foundation to the roof, or instruct the experienced builders, who have this process worked out, and quickly get ready-made housing on a turn-key basis. And, of course, there will still be a lot of work to do to equip it completely.

Our company has been successfully working in the market of grocery, snack and confectionery products for eight years. We offer you a full range of services for the production of your goods:

• to get necessary permissions;

• purchasing of raw and packaging materials;

• holding the class A for storage and processing of products;

• services of experienced personnel;

• equipment for roasting, grinding, mixing and packaging of groceries

• logistic services;

• development of a design for its own brand.

Advantages of cooperation with our company

Contract production is an excellent solution for starting a business. It is a decrease in material costs, the ability to focus on advertising and marketing, rapid entry into the market, the distribution of risks, the development of new technological ideas. Our company gives a key solution - from purchasing raw materials to address delivery.

Snack products, potato pellets, nuts and all that concerns healthy nutrition are in great demand among consumers. We can help to organize a business related to the production of snack products. Using privat label (stm) we can pack snacks, order the right products for any network brand, observing the technologies and conditions of snack production.

No wonder they say that time is money. By trusting work to professionals of our company, you get an opportunity to quickly realize your business ideas and solve other important problems for the future functioning of the started business. And most importantly, you protect yourself against many costly mistakes that inevitably occur when organizing production.